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First South Yorkshire launches ”invisible shield” to defend against coronavirus on buses, 09.06.2020

*New ‘viricidal’ sanitiser, ‘Zoono Z71’ is being applied across bus fleet, ensuring continuous protection*
”This week First South Yorkshire is rolling out a new sanitising treatment across its entire operational fleet. The treatment is environmentally-friendly, uses no alcohol or dangerous chemicals, and is proven to be a highly effective antimicrobial surface sanitiser. It is the latest addition to the operator’s already enhanced cleaning regime and safety procedures, making travel on its networks safe for its customers and drivers.”

Zoono reveals prosperous April driven by mounting demand for sanitisers Nicholas, 05.05.2020 

”Zoono also stated the UK’s West Yorkshire Police were using its hand sanitiser and it had agreed to supply a further 140,000 50ml hand sanitiser units and refills to support the country’s front-line police officers. 
Meanwhile, the London Underground as well as mainline trains in the UK and Germany are all being treated with Zoono’s surface sanitiser on a monthly basis. 
In addition… a distributor in Hong Kong supply Zoono products and fogging services to the country’s airport authorities.”

Covid 19 coronavirus: Kiwi sanitiser being used in the fight against killer virus
New Zealand Herald, 12.04.2020 

”A spokesman for Auckland Transport said all three ferry operators are working with Sterico which is using a Zoono product for fogging sanitisation on the vessels. Two ferry operators, Fullers360 and Belaire, have had their second application of Zoono done, the spokesman said.”